What is the value of the Crypto Mark?

The value of every currency – also that of a crypto currency – is based on its acceptance by the people. Crypto Mark has been designed with all features necessary for a strong and stable currency.

As it uses the proven Ethereum blockchain technology, Crypto Mark is extremely secure against forgery and counterfeit.

Its amount is limited to 82 million coins, which is about 1coin for each inhabitant of Germany. This ensures that with growing acceptance, a rising value of this crypto currency will be reflected.

Other crypto currencies have shown how dynamic such a value development can be. As an example: the value of the Bitcoin, the world’s first crypto currency, has increased by more than 3500% since 2013. The value of Ether has risen by more than 2000% over the past couple of years. 500 Ether had a value of less than 600 Euro in August of 2015. Today, 500 Ether is valued at more than 100,000 Euro.