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Crypto Mark as a Physical Coin or a Crypto Mark Master card??!!

This is my dream / hope about crypto currencies. That one day we can use them as physical coins or at least as Master card that can use for day today transactions . Most Crypto currencies are very far from that. Can crypto Mark do that? it definitely will take some time, but in the future it will be awesome if we can use Crypto Mark as a Coin form or as  a Master card. IF crypto mark team can have that vision they will be able to do a revolution in crypto currency field. as Users/ pioneer members of this community it will be awesome to become a part of that wonder.

When I think of Crypto Mark in the future I really do see it as a physical coin or a master card we can use for day to day transations!!!

I think it would be more appealing to holders and would be supporters to use Crypto Mark both physically or card-based. This will make transacting crypto mark flexible and easier to use.

Apparemment Crypto Mark utilisera IOTA dans un avenir proche afin de réduire les coûts de transaction

Its either Physical Coin or  Master card will do but both of these has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If CMT is mass adopted, our wishes could come true. Real time conversion from crypto to fiat using some Android app or card service... I'd like Crypto Mark become one of the pioneers in this sphere.

Hope this dream may come true.